008 – Linda Vignac & Patricia Coleman – How our core values balance with our adopted ones when presiding in an organization as a bi-cultural leader

by Brett Parry on July 13, 2015

USA and France - Miniature Flags Isolated on White Background.

Bringing two wonderful leaders in the Sietar family together for a chat about their respective backgrounds and experiences in their roles within the organisation. Linda Vignac is President of Sietar France, and discusses her time living and working in France, including learning the language and protocols of her adopted country. Similarly, Patricia Coleman brings her perspective as a foreign born leader of Sietar USA, along with what has shaped her personal outlook in working and living in the USA.

For those who speak French, you have an additional treat by fast forwarding to 47:30, where Linda and Patricia switch over for extended content for you to enjoy.

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