006 – Reading Hong Kong Reading Ourselves – Discussion with Contributors Dr. Janel Curry, Dr. Hedley Freake and Cross Cultural Consultant Sue Shinomiya led by Naomi Ludeman Smith

by Brett Parry on May 14, 2015

Book Cover and Photo Group SmallThis episode continues our celebrations of Sietar USA’s 15th anniversary by featuring insights into the many aspects of the intercultural field. Here we host a wonderful discussion on with contributors and commentators on the book, Reading Hong Kong, Reading Ourselves. Books about cities can open pathways to discover new places, but also rediscovering familiar places. Hong Kong is a much visited place, with over 50 million people streaming through its hotels, restaurants and shopping malls each year. That is a lot of first impressions! This book is written by fourteen reflective scholars about living and learning from Hong Kong, and builds on the growing interest of using “place” as text while providing a model of deepening cross-cultural encounters. Each chapter is written in a personal and experiential style, exploring Hong Kong through the lenses of a range of disciplines that shaped each individual author’s perceptions and encounters.

This discussion brings two contributors, Dr. Janel Curry and Dr. Hedley Freake together with author and Cross Cultural coach Sue Shinomiya. Naomi Ludeman Smith leads this fascinating insight into what inspired the book itself, as well as what effect not only the process of writing it had on its authors, but also their time spent with their families living in Hong Kong.

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